A Holistic Approach to Working Out

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Studio Pilates Nundah Village welcomes a new instructor to the team, who encourages a holistic approach to working out.

With a Masters in Counselling and Psychology and a degree in Applied Social Sciences, Aidyn Deleo is committed to helping clients both mentally and physically.

“I found there was a connection between the mental and physical aspects of the reformer training and having a strong interest in both decided to start classes with Studio Pilates,” says Aidyn. “I was a client for a few years and decided to study reformer and was impressed with the level of knowledge and training provided by Studio Pilates.”

Studio Pilates offers reformer classes, which help clients become more mentally and physically stronger, healthier and more energised.

The ever-changing workouts keep your body guessing and give you fast results. Classes are 40 minutes long and are held to inspiring beats in a luxe workout space.

Aidyn believes consistency is the key when it comes to working out.

“Consistency is better than motivation. Motivation comes and goes, but consistency will always get the results,” says Aidyn.

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