Bees and Beer in Nundah

bee yourself sarah hamilton fitz potts nundah bees

Sarah Hamilton has tried her hand in some diverse jobs, but she’s recently returned to her first passion – horticulture.

“I took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to start my own business hosting native bees,” says Sarah.

bee yourself sarah hamilton fitz potts nundah hive bees

Sarah started her business, Bee Yourself, which sells native hives and fresh honey and provides services including splitting hives, rescuing hives and running workshops.

Local residents can see Sarah’s native bees in action at Nundah bar, Fitz + Potts.

Sarah worked with Fitz + Potts owner, Cassie Potts, to install a stingless beehive on the rooftop of the bar.

“Firstly, we love these little creatures – they are fascinating to watch. But our main driving force for installing the hive was to assist the natural ecology of our suburb,” says Cassie.

Sarah is passionate about educating the community about the benefits of native bees.

“Native bees are low maintenance pets that require no permits or safety equipment to keep. Everyone can help to reverse the decline of pollinators by conserving native bees.”

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