Lift off with a healthy change

Spread you wings this winter and take flight with a healthy lifestyle renovation. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle or committing to one comes as a package deal. Diet + Exercise = Results. Simple.

People can do pretty well with one or the other but it is the combination that proves most valuable in reaching the goals typical of the average person.

If you are looking to renovate your routine and make progress you don’t have to exercise from the rooster’s crow to the cows coming home. There are two parts in the equation.

The first is variation in your exercise regime. Muscle memory can stop you from losing weight, growing muscle and staying motivated. The human body can adapt to particular movements. Change then becomes the catalyst in sparking the body to producing larger volumes of various hormones that promote weight loss and muscle growth. Throwing in a new group fitness class every month or having a PT run through new exercises and training programs can lift you to new levels while keeping hard work interesting for you.

Eating clean is the second part of seeing fast results and possibly the most important change. Man was made tall and strong from eating raw from the land.

Our weight gain is not surprisingly due to the body’s slow adaptation to a rapid evolution of processed food in our diets. To adopt a clean eating approach cut out sugars, reduce carbohydrates and eat smaller portions, especially if you have a desk job.

For more information on clean eating see Go Health’s inspirational book ‘A Beginners Guide to Clean Eating.’

To spread your wings at Go Health Clubs with a huge group fitness timetable and amazing facilities visit them at 1 Aspinall St, Nundah or Call 3865 1333.

Solo Espresso. A Marvel for Coffee Lovers

Solo Expresso

Q: Where did the idea for Solo Espresso come from?
A: Solo means one. One means unique. Our aim is to build a unique coffee shop in this area where customers can enjoy the best coffee and foods with a totally relaxing and friendly ambience. The idea was first conceived when we were working in the coffee industry – we have gained valuable experience and insight and decided that people deserved better quality coffee and better service.

Q: What’s so good about you guys?
A: We are perfectionists when it comes to the coffee and foods offered at Solo Espresso. The beans used in Solo Espresso are specially selected and roasted daily by Ken to ensure they are of the freshest quality. The All Day Breakfast and Light Meals are lovingly prepared by Alicia who has designed and revised the menu to perfection. Our drinking chocolates, MOFO deluxe and KOKO deluxe use top of the range African Red Cocoa and Australian Cane Sugar which gives our drinking chocolate a slight red tint. All of our teas and chocolate are fair trade certified and organic and we use environmentally friendly takeaway containers. From making and roasting coffee to running the business, we strive to provide the best experience.

Q: What else can you tell us about Solo Espresso?
A: Even if you are not a coffee fan you can still come and enjoy the top quality organic teas, ice frappe or a perfectly divine cold chocolate with a range of our homemade desserts. We also offer gluten-free alternatives with our meals upon request.

Ask our friendly staff for the password to access our free wi-fi if you would like to check your emails or surf the web over your coffee.

25 Bradbury Street, Nundah Open 7 Days.
Facebook – Search Solo Espresso Coffee Specialty

Maxwell & Lucy A Truly Unique Boutique

Maxwell & Lucy

Q: How did Maxwell & Lucy originate?
A: Maxwell & Lucy was born out of a collaboration between the two partners, Margaret and June. For years, we dreamed of and worked towards owning an independent boutique, which finally took root in June of 2012 after we came across the ideal shop front in Nundah.

Q: Why did you choose Nundah?
A: We choose Nundah as it is an upcoming, inner-city, suburb with tremendous prospects yet it still has a real “Village” feel about it. With the city on its doorstep, Nundah is rapidly on its way of becoming the next big suburb of Brisbane, which will drive more like-minded residents, visitors and shoppers our way.

Q: What’s great about Maxwell & Lucy:
A: We believe our secret is that our pieces are stylish, come in limited numbers, are made of wonderful fabrics and materials, and are all at unexpected, easy-on-the-pocket prices. We like to think that our styles are Parisian Bohemian chic and we strive for our collection to be unique, and stand out from the rest.

Q: What’s your vision for the boutique:
A: Our vision for M&L is to continue growing and searching for more diverse, unique and quality products for our customers. To complement our own label and designs, we will be introducing small, independent designers whose products match our philosophy.

We are excited to be part of Nundah’s growing success and look forward to bringing more sartorial style to the Village. Drop in at Maxwell & Lucy Boutique and say hello, We would love to meet you.

Visit Maxwell and Lucy
Shop 2, 1180 Sandgate Road, Nundah.

Michelle Clifford Live

After the successful release of her EP ‘Somewhere Along the Way’ Michelle Clifford has been busy entertaining crowds across the South East coast at venues, festivals and functions and is currently available for bookings. Michelle is a solo artist whose repertoire consists of an eclectic mix of original and covers songs.

Where: ChicaCino Shop 3/1192 Sandgate Rd, Nundah, Qld, 4012
Cost: Free Event
Whats Available: BYO/selected bagels, nibblies & coffee available
The social scene in The Village is alive so enjoy & be seen!

This BYO evening of social rejuvenation starts to warm up around 7pm, seats are available early.
Taking reservations Darryl 0411 649 299 or email

Summer Freshness


We can never go past a fresh salad from Simply Duo.  This chicken salad is just one of their tempting menu items that is sure to hit the spot on that hot summer day.

SIMPLY DUO – 1269 Sandgate Road, Nundah VILLAGE